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Why are these huge boulders here?

What do they do??



When can I see baby sand dollars?

Where do I find them??

How do they get there???



Why are these big, old stumps here?

Who lives in them??

How long will they be here???


Coming in 2018

An interactive magazine about our local treasures...


stories behind things that people can see in our outdoor public spaces.



Salmon are a big part of our

Pacific Northwest


Each issue will bring together media-rich stories about interrelated parts of a local ecosystem

For example, many of our forested areas were once tree farms. As lumber mills have slowly disappeared, timber owners are divesting their land holdings, selling them to developers or to organizations who make them into public parks or conservation holdings.

The magazine issue about tree farms will include articles about stumps, what tree rings have to say, owls, trilliums, and what grows (or doesn't grow) between the tall trees. Ecosystem interconnections will be pointed out.


Interactive maps will show you where you can see similar features in other areas.


Inversely, a mobile app can alert you when you approach any of those similar objects  — things you may have walked past numerous times without noticing. It will also provide you with a link to the in-depth article in the magazine.



Here's how you can help!

This magazine is unique for the emphasis it puts on  the relationships between parts of the ecosystem.  But so far, knowledge about these relationships has been hard to find. 

We are looking for some experts who can point out relationships between things that appear in each issue. For example, one issue is being planned around things in our "Retired Tree Farms", such as: old tree stumps, barred owl, tree rings, trillium, understory, clearcut, invasive species, etc. 



If you can offer information about some of the ecosystem interrelationships in our forests or beaches, or if you can recommend someone who can, please contact:

John F. Williams, SEA-Media

Thanks! And keep your eye on this site for progress updates as this project evolves!