The March 2019 issue of Salish Magazine will be about RAIN. (See the bottom of this page for info about the June issue with a TIDE POOL theme) I’ve got the articles and some of the illustrations for the Rain issue in-hand. But if you have any relevant imagery the deadline for that is 27 February.. I’m looking for photos, video, or photos of other artwork such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc.

Here’s the list of things I’m looking to illustrate:

  • Rain and soil — such as raindrops splashing into the soil, or closeups (microscopic?) of soil showing the different kinds of grains that make it up.

  • Stream with dark, tannin stained water

  • Rotting leaves and other forest debris in a stream

  • sea run Cutthroat Trout in stream or shallow waters

  • Coho or Chinook salmon in stream or shallow waters (I have lots of Chum)

  • Rainbow over a natural setting, local to the Salish Sea

  • Images of rain gardens and their functions

  • Water flowing over impervious surfaces (street, parking lot) and flowing into storm drain.

  • Water pooling on a lawn

  • Snow/rain falling

  • People/person walking in rain without umbrella

  • Artistic renditions of rain


The Magazine

Salish Magazine takes inquisitive readers outdoors with in-depth storytelling about things that people can see firsthand in our public forests and beaches. A key focus of the magazine is to illustrate the interconnectedness woven through our ecosystems, using lenses of science, history, and culture.

Our articles are often collaborations between topical experts, literary writers, visual artists, and people who can add unique ecosystem or cultural insights.


In 2019 Salish Magazine will publish 4 issues: in March, June, September, and December. This page will be updated to keep it relevant to foreseeable deadlines.

Our articles are often collaborations between topical experts, literary writers, visual artists, and people who can add unique ecosystem or cultural insights. So you don’t have to do it all. We can have a conversation about what you’re doing and then find other talents and media if it makes sense to complement your work.

Below is a more complete list of near term deadlines.

Feb. 26, 2019: art, photo, video, music for March 8 issue

March 15, 2019: Brief proposals for June 7 issue (Theme of the issue is TIDE POOLS)

Apr. 10, 2019: Outline or draft, sketch of visual media, etc. for June 7 Issue

May 10, 2019: Final article, poem, art, photo, video, music for June 7 Issue

June Issue

Just in time for the summer low tides, the June issue will be about Tide Pools.

Articles should feature something that people can readily see in or around tide pools, but they can use that feature to launch a discussion of less visible and/or more abstract characteristics of the related ecosystem, geology, etc.

Possible examples:

  • hermit crabs, or other crabs, crawling in tide pools yet they hide under rocks when not covered with water.

  • nudibranchs that you would never see exposed

  • tides that generate currents that carry plankton to sessile feeders like barnacles and anemones and tube worms

  • geology that makes tide pools


This is a nonprofit project, yet I believe that those contributing to it should be offered compensation. I am working to secure revenue for that via subscriptions, sponsorships, donations, & grants. Unfortunately, it’s one of many things I’m doing and I don’t have a very clear timeline for this.

Thanks! It’s your content contributions that make this magazine possible!

John F. Williams, Publisher, jw@salishmagazine.org