What's it all about...

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Salish Magazine takes inquisitive readers outdoors with in-depth storytelling about features people can see firsthand in our public forests and beaches. A key focus of the magazine is to illustrate the interconnectedness woven through our ecosystems, using lenses of history, science, and culture. From up-close views of pollination to the mysterious lives of sea anemones, Salish Magazine uses 21st century methods to deliver engaging stories that are interactive, rich in visual imagery, scientifically correct, yet fun to read.

We have chosen the Salish Sea region because it includes a broad spectrum of highly interrelated habitats, from lowland forests to the relatively protected waters of the Salish Sea. When the magazine discusses key features in these habitats, such as glacial erratics or tide swept beaches, trilliums or Douglas-fir cones, people all over the region can see examples of these same things close to home.


Over decades of exploring underwater and in our forests and beaches, my experiences have been enriched by the insights of knowledgeable people — what I learned from them dramatically changed the way I see things. Salish Magazine will extend that notion of sharing insights by offering a wealth of articles that are keyed to the observable, but pull back the curtains to reveal the invisible.